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To ensure that the South Central Kansas Prosperity Plan reflects the desires and aspirations of the five-county region’s diverse communities and ensures lasting capacity to implement the plan, the public must be engaged in a meaningful and continuous way. Involving citizens, communities, and organizations brings diverse voices and ideas to the decision-making process, enables greater consideration of local and regional priorities and values, and gives the public a sense of ownership of shared solutions.

The ultimate goal of the process is not simply to gather and reflect input received, but to foster the long-term participation of residents, groups, and organizations in the building of strong, healthy, and prosperous places throughout the South Central Kansas.

This Community Engagement Plan (CEP), which can be found at here, provides a flexible, overarching framework for the public outreach component of the South Central Kansas Prosperity Plan. Throughout this process, our goal will be to develop relationships with stakeholders, instilling trust in and support for the process.  We will do so through engagement that recognizes the unique circumstances of South Central Kansas and provides for their continuing substantive input. To that end, the objectives for communication and stakeholder engagement are to:

The approach is to bring the right people together, educate them regarding the various options and gather input in a structured, inclusive and transparent process consistent with the goals, strategies and techniques. Finally, to ensure we are meeting the goals, objectives, and tools outlined here, we will measure the success of outreach efforts and adjust techniques and strategies as necessary to produce desired outcomes.

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